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SME Centre @ Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SME Centre@SMF) was established in May 2005 as a subsidiary of SMF.
Supported by Enterprise Singapore, SME Centre@SMF provides small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with easy access to
business advisory to help them start, sustain and grow their businesses. The one-stop SME Centres provide services including business diagnosis,
information on government schemes and capability workshops.


To help businesses develop and improve their capabilities, SME Centre@SMF has equipped itself with a wide range of services that aim to help companies reach their goals. Aspiring entrepreneurs and SMEs can approach SME Centre@SMF .



We would like to commend Mr. Bernard Tan, business advisor of SME Centre@NorthWest, for sharing his knowledge on the SME grants that gave us an idea on how to maximize and utilize the possibility of getting support from Enterprise Singapore and other related government bodies.

We have kept in touch with Bernard in a few capabilities in relation to government grants. As a business owner, Bernard is an excellent advisor and mentor in all these capacities and I know for an absolute fact that his knowledge and his amazing way in detailing in every single aspect would contribute to our successful application. He has really assisted in providing a very beneficial advice on where to start and who to coordinate with in applying for a specific grants. And for me that might be the most satisfying part to gain ideas and information from him.

Bernard has a particular talent to be able expound thoroughly on each subject matter and let people comprehend it. He has encouraged us to avail grants whatever is applicable to our company in order to help improve more on our cash flow.

While he bring comprehensive knowledge of various grants to an SME company like T3 Express Pte Ltd, Bernard’s gift connecting with people as individual and cultivating relationships is what makes him outstanding at what he does. He would be a valuable advisor for professionals in many aspects particularly on maximizing companies’ potential to develop and grow beyond.

Ms. Theresa Wong Chua Lui
Director, T3 Express Pte Ltd


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