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Transformation of HR in this Digital Economy

Mar 15, 2017

“In this rapid-changing world where sands are often shifting, digital technology is radically disrupting and redefining the role of Human Resource (HR) function. HR is evolving towards a future characterized by big data, cloud computing, mobility and analytics.’’

With evolving needs in this fast-paced corporate environment, HR professionals are expected to perform strategically rather than just day-to-day operational tasks. Today, more organizations are taking efforts to unlock the value in their HR team. They recognize that HR professionals can do so much more if they were not constrained by outdated software tools, mundane tasks and lack of automated controls for reliability of information that result in tremendous manual workaround and wasted time. Employees are often bogged down in generating data rather than garnering insights to better support organization in making strategic and informed business decisions.

With the right reporting tools, the technology barrier to entry to gain insights to your business anytime, anywhere is at its lowest. Investing in the right HR technology enables most aspects of Human Capital Management (HCM) to be enhanced.

Mayor’s Network @ North West – SMEs (Lo Hei 2017)

Feb 10, 2017

Being Future Ready & how should SMEs make their next move?

Jan 20, 2017

Being Future Ready - FUTURE-PROOF YOURSELF after TRUMP’S Victory

The shocking victory of Mr. Donald Trump, as the new US President-Elect, brings many uncertainties for businesses ranging from ending trade agreements and alliances to creating shifts in human rights. How will such drastic changes affect your business and the ability to survive in what could probably be the most challenging of times in a global economy that has already been badly battered and facing constant slow down?



SME Survival Workshop Effective reporting for SME Cashflow preservation & increased profitability

Jan 16, 2017

Lee Wenyong & Co. is conducting a series of sharing sessions with SME owners on how to manage cashflow effectively by using critical reports to ensure SME cashflow & profitability.

This is relevant to SME owners due to the current downtrend of economic circumstances. Consumers are buying less, revenue is trending down & operational costs are increasing. For SMEs to survive, vital cashflow strategies stemming from timely & accurate reporting is essential.

We will be sharing real SME case studies of how SMEs implement responsible data collection techniques for effective reporting. SME owners can learn & apply it to their SME businesses.


What's New!

SME Centre Conference 2021

With new challenges, come new opportunities. It is now more important than ever for SMEs to adapt, innovate and realign business strategies to stay relevant and unleash their fullest growth potential.

Join us at the SME Centre Conference 2021 to get the latest insights from industry experts on the latest developments in the business landscape and learn what sustainability and diversification can mean for your business growth.

Hear from homegrown firms on how they have leveraged technology to drive business transformation.


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Obtain Free & Complementary Financing Advice From SME Centre

Our Financing Specialist provides free and complementary financing advisory services for SMEs.

In light of COVID-19, there has been increasing financial-related enquires from SMEs, ranging from managing cash-flows to seeking investment.

Therefore, having a financing specialist presence will also enabled to complement current service offerings from SMEC - broad based business advisory service.


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BUDGET 2021 for Businesses

To find out further on Budget 2021 for businesses, we are still available to assist and advise you.

Feel free to contact us at 68263020 or email to

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