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Redesigning The Roles Of Your Talents To Be Future - Ready

Apr 14, 2021

To future-proof your workforce, job redesign aims to help companies define value-adding job tasks and augment job scropes to increase productivity. Job redesign will enable you to keep pace with the changing business needs and deliver greater value for your organisation.


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Bring Your Business Overseas With Digital Marketing

Apr 06, 2021

This event will allow companies to find out more about integrating and implementing digital marketing for your business. Also, find out more on how you can bring your business overseas with the use of Digital Marketing.


This webinar is open to all local SMEs to learn more.

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Empowering Businesses with Digital Marketing

Jan 28, 2021

The pandemic has set a new norm for businesses, with an increase in online behavior such as virtual meetings and online purchases.

Digital Marketing empowers a company by increasing brand awareness and getting potential customer leads. Join us for this webinar to get an insight on using Digital Marketing for your business.

This webinar is open to all local SMEs to learn more.

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Benefits of Market Diversification through Internationalisation

Jan 20, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has come with a lot of uncertainties for many businesses, internationalisation and global mobility.

Some are fearful, feeling uncertain and lost, while others are hopeful and excited about the possibilities opened up by the closing of borders.

What is the newinternational”? How will it look like? What are the challenges right now?

Post-Pandemic: What are the opportunities available, what strategies to explore and what actions to take?

Let’s get our experts to share their experiences during this webinar.

This webinar is open to all local SMEs to learn more.

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Jan 05, 2021

This event will allow companies to have an appreciation of career development and help one in understanding why some of the staff will want to journey with the company while others choose to seek opportunities elsewhere.

Speaker from Quest Discovery Academy
Sharing on What is Career Development and why Employees choose to stay with an Employer

Speaker from SME Centre
Sharing on employee engagement and Grants

This webinar is open to all local SMEs to learn more.

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What's New!

Obtain Free & Complementary Financing Advice From SME Centre

Our Financing Specialist provides free and complementary financing advisory services for SMEs.

In light of COVID-19, there has been increasing financial-related enquires from SMEs, ranging from managing cash-flows to seeking investment.

Therefore, having a financing specialist presence will also enabled to complement current service offerings from SMEC - broad based business advisory service.


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BUDGET 2021 for Businesses

To find out further on Budget 2021 for businesses, we are still available to assist and advise you.

Feel free to contact us at 68263020 or email to

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