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Business Transformation for SMEs towards I4.0

Jul 28, 2021

This workshop will introduce you on why there is a nationwide emphasis on I4.0 transformation, and how your business can gain a competitive edge from it.

Our goal is to equip you with the necessary foundational knowledge, and introduce you to the special programs that will get you started on this transformation journey.

The special programs will be:
• How this newly formed service by SMF is able to partner with you on your specific needs and recommend suitable transformation solutions (MATO)
• Maximizing your manufacturing capability and revenue generation through industry 4.0 value creation (McKinsey & Company).
• Effective Implementation of Digitalisation through Business Modelling Methodology (CCL).

This webinar is open to all local SMEs to learn more.

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Scale Up Your Business Through Digitalisation and Protect It From Cyber Threats

Jul 19, 2021

How to scale up your business in a constantly evolving and uncertain business environment?

This workshop will provide you with insights on how digital transformations in your business will give you a better competitive edge in the marketplace.

In this workshop, you will also learn about the importance of protecting your digital assets from the increasing cyber threats, what are the common threats and how you can avoid them.


Ms. Michelle Ling, Business Advisor, SME Centre@SouthWest
Mr. Giam Kai Boon, Director, Data Connect Technologies Pte Ltd
Ms. Jasmine Sim, Assistant Manager, IMDA
Mr. Lincoln Tan, Manager, SMF Centre for Corporate Learning
Ms. Mabelene Tai, Senior SkillsFuture Advisor, SkillsFuture Advise Team @ SouthWest CDC

This webinar is open to all local SMEs to learn more.


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Intellectual Property & Going Global For SMEs

Jul 13, 2021

What does expansion look like today, and what aspects must growing businesses keep in mind as they work to establish themselves globally.
Areas of law and IP to help SME strategize their internalization plan. Leading to increased revenue, increased profit, and reduced business risk.

Speaker 1: SME Centre @ Northwest
Topic: Best practices, and Potential implications for Businesses going global, and Supporting Grants

Speaker 2: Alpha & Omega Law Corporation
Topic: Key IP and Legal Considerations when going global

This webinar is open to all local SMEs to learn more.


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Go Global with Digital Marketing

Jun 25, 2021

As we all know, the world is moving fast and furiously toward ever more integration of technology in our lives.

Technology allow us to navigate our way through traffic across town, as well as guide us to meetings and professional events in far-flung locations around the world and purchase of products and services.

How do you put yourself on the global platform to be seen?


Mr. Ivan Choong, Business Advisor, SME Centre@SouthWest
Ms. Yulia Saksen, Director, Creativeans Pte Ltd
Mr. Gilfred Chew, Senior Manager, IMDA
Ms. Mabelene, Senior SkillsFuture Advisor, SkillsFuture Advice Team

This webinar is open to all local SMEs to learn more.


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Building Employee Engagement in the 'New Normal'

Jun 17, 2021

Engaging with remote employees is more than simply replacing face-to-face meetings with remote video conferencing or calls.

Since remote workers have had to work from home on a global scale, there is huge pressure on companies to find ways of bringing together their employees, and investing in the creation of a new hybrid working.

Mr. Benedict Lim from iGROW CorpHealth Pte Ltd
Ms. Tan Weiling from SME Centre@SMF

Join us in this webinar to find out how to define, integrate and shape hybrid workplace within your organisation and be ready for post-covid-19 business environment!

This webinar is open to all local SMEs to learn more.


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Financing 101 for SMEs

Jun 15, 2021

This event will allow companies to find out more about how they can improve their chances to access bank financing.

Some of the topics covered would be on the process and documents need to apply for a bank loan and also the main reasons why loans are rejected.

Also find out more on how InvoiceNow can benefit their business.


Speaker from ESG Financing Specialist - Improve yourchances to access bank financing
Speaker from IMDA - Sharing on InvoiceNow


This webinar is open to all local SMEs to learn more.


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What's New!

Obtain Free & Complementary Financing Advice From SME Centre

Our Financing Specialist provides free and complementary financing advisory services for SMEs.

In light of COVID-19, there has been increasing financial-related enquires from SMEs, ranging from managing cash-flows to seeking investment.

Therefore, having a financing specialist presence will also enabled to complement current service offerings from SMEC - broad based business advisory service.


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BUDGET 2021 for Businesses

To find out further on Budget 2021 for businesses, we are still available to assist and advise you.

Feel free to contact us at 68263020 or email to

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