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Food Tech 2023

Jan 13, 2023

As a tiny island nation, Singapore lacks the required natural resources to produce sufficient food to feed our local population.  To ensure and secure a safe supply of food, Singapore has announced the goal of producing 30% of our nation's food supplies by 2030. With limited agricultural land, advanced food technology will be one of the key factors for Singapore to achieve our target.  The Food Tech 2023 will showcase the Singapore Manufacturing Federation's effort in supporting the emerging food technology manufacturing industry. This event will cover three main themes, namely,

Theme 1 - Food Trends
Theme 2 - Food Safety
Theme 3 - Launch of Singapore Standard for food e-commerce, SS 687 : 2022 Guidelines for food e-commerce.
About SS 687 : 2022 Guidelines for food e-commerce

This standard aims to provide guidance to food business operators (FBOs) that are involved along the food e-commerce supply chain to understand their respective roles and responsibilities related to food safety and providing information to consumers. It also guides FBOs in relation to the traceability mechanism among different business players that are involved along the food e-commerce supply chain. In addition, these guidelines provide guidance on cross-border e-commerce for personal consumption.

This event is open to all local SMEs to learn more.

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