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25th April, Friday
2:00pm to 5:00pm
Concourse 1, Level 2 2985 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 159457

On 25 April 2014, SME Centre@SMF organised a seminar on the branding strategies for overseas markets. Titled ‘Branding for International Expansion’, the seminar was attended by close to 50 participants. Most of the participants are from small and medium-sized enterprises and looking to stepping out into regional and even global markets to greater business growth. This seminar provided them the fundamental knowledge of how to shape brands and position for success in an oversea business environment.

The seminar was opened by Mr Siew Ying Choy, Productivity Manager of SME Centre@SMF with a short presentation focused on how to improve productivity through cultivating Lean Culture within the company. The presentation also covered the implementation of Six Sigma, a set of tools and techniques for process improvement and productivity enhancement. Using Toyota Production system (TPS) as an example of lean manufacturing, the presentation underlines the importance of creating a more streamlined and productive process.


Mr Siew Ying Choy, Productivity Manager of SME Centre@SMF, speaking on business productivity improvement


The main speaker at the seminar was Mr Michael Yap, Branding and Creative Strategist for FT Consulting Pte Ltd, a regional consulting firm that has been empowering SMEs since 1991. Drawing from his first-hand experience in managing brands in SME environments, Mr Yap gave an encouraging and useful talk on how to venture out to the international stage.


“Every brand has a selling point; every brand has an aspirational feature. The trick, then, is for the company to find it, emphasize it, and live it. Companies have to be bold and shout out their brand,” encouraged Mr Yap.


Mr Michael Yap, Branding and Creative Strategist for FT Consulting Pte Ltd, sharing with the audience the steps required for internationalization of a brand


He went on to introduce the audience the five “S” of branding for internationalization: Scan brand and markets for competitors and strengths; Simplify brand identity and adapt brand to be cross-cultural and cross-lingual; Streamline brand offerings, Strategize and adopt the right expansion method, and Secure brand assets with the help of intellectual property laws. Through the 5 “S” and real life examples shared by Mr Yap, participants learnt how to study the competitive landscape as well as the details of packaging a brand clearly.


After a short tea break session, refreshed participants returned to the seminar to take part in a mini workshop. Based on a real case study, participants were engaged in teams to craft out the brand’s positioning for overseas market. Lively discussions soon broke out in the auditorium as participants threw around ideas and proposed possibilities for the brand’s positioning.


Teams were engaged in a stimulating branding exercise


Majority of the participants reflected very positively on the seminar. Many deemed it informative and useful to their businesses, with some expressing interest in attending similar and more in-depth seminars on business expansion overseas.


“We attended the seminar because it seems very interesting. We plan to internationalise our company in the future, hence the seminar was relevant to our needs. It was useful and gave us an introduction on what needs to be done in overseas ventures.

It gave us a snapshot of the next steps we need to take,” shared Mr Lau Min-tsek, Managing Director of STP Solutions Pte Ltd.

“Our company is preparing for venturing overseas in the near future. As our food is Halal certified, we would like to expand into neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, to gain the experience first. After today’s talk, I have a better idea on what to expect and to consider in our ventures. It was a very interesting and relevant talk. It covered quite a few aspects within a short amount of time, hence it gave me many things to look into for the internationalization of the company,” said Ms Joy Tang, Director of The Royals (Premium Cakes) Pte Ltd.


Step up to this seminar and learn some fundamentals of how to shape your brand and position it for success in overseas markets. Gain insights from successful case studies and even participate in a workshop where you will have the chance to shape a brand and ready it for stepping out into overseas markets.


Programme is tentative and is subject to change at the sole discretion of Singapore Manufacturing Federation.

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