Embracing Digitalisation

The founder of Chinese restaurant San Ren Xing share how SME Centre@SouthWest helped them adopt digital solutions to improve their business.

As Singaporean consumers get savvier and the marketplace grow increasingly global, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are feeling compelled to stay on top of their game and become more resourceful. A first step might be to embrace the digital age and adopt innovative technological solutions. But that can be intimidating if one does not know where to start. Thankfully, help is around the corner.

San Ren Xing(www.sanrenxing.sg), a Chinese restaurant specialising in Fujian and Szechuan cuisine, with outlets in JCube and Thomson Plaza, successfully tapped on resources via SME Centre@SouthWest to tackle their operational problems. Founders Mr Xiong Wei, 46 , Mr Fu Shi Liang,49 , and Ms Mandy Chen, 51, recalled how they discovered help.

'Reproduced with permission from South West CDC publication BRIDGE January/February 2019 issue.'


Excel Hardware: Brick-and-mortar business reaps benefits of taking products online

“We faced issues like delayed payments, a lag in inventories checks and low customer satisfaction level,” said marketing director Kaden Choa, whose father set up the business in 1998.

Overcoming obstacles

Determined to resolve their operational issues, Excel Hardware approached the SME Centre@NorthWest for advice. Supported by Enterprise Singapore, the network of 12 SME Centres islandwide offers advisory services to help businesses start, transform and grow.

“We were also hoping to understand the type of funding support available for developing an online platform,” added Kaden, as the company was looking to set up an e-commerce site.

After a comprehensive assessment, the Centre’s business advisor identified how the company could enhance its business processes and improve productivity, with the support from the Capability Development Grant (CDG).

CDG defrays up to 70% of costs in areas such as improving financial management capabilities, product development and technology adoption.

Mr Kaden Choa, Marketing Director of Excel Hardware

Revitalising Bangkit

Located in the heartlands of Bukit Panjang, Bangkit is a bustling neighbourhood and home to residents from all walks of life, from first-time homebuyers and young professionals to retirees.

At the heart of this estate is the Bangkit Neighbourhood Centre and surrounding market street, which has over 60 stores and services operating across five retail blocks since 1989.

Despite the wear and tear the area has endured over the years, it remains the primary destination for residents to purchase their daily necessities and mingle with one another.

In 2014, 19 blocks along Bukit Panjang Ring Road and Bangkit Road were selected under the Ministry of National Development's Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) for revitalisation. 

The objective of the revitalisation is to transfrom this epicentre and market street into a vibrant art and shopping area. It aims to inject new life into the place, and turn in into a pleasant space for leisure and community bonding.

Besides enhancing the look of the area, structural improvements such as installing anti-slip tiles and a ventilated canopy, have been made to enhance residents' shopping experiences and provide barrier-free access for the elderly and disabled.

Tech Turnaround

Technology Lightens the workload for SMEs.

It is good that the government provides subsidised rates to help SMEs get on board the tech trend, and that that SME Centre can guide business owners through the grant- application and claims-submission process.

Mr Mel Ng, co-founder of P2E

‘Reproduced with permission from South West CDC publication BRIDGE July/Aug 2017 issue.’

Rebooting the Business

Rebooting the Business 

With a push in the right direction from SME Centre@SouthWest, small and medium enterprise(SME) owner Mr Fu Wanxin successfully upgraded his business.

Mr Fu Wanxin,Owner of G-Power Computer Services

‘Reproduced with permission from South West CDC publication BRIDGE Nov/Dec 2016 issue.’




Feature on Bangkit group-based upgrading project

Group-based solutions for business success
Making space for productivity

Mr Tan Jue Tong, Owner
Owner of Mong Lee Mini-Mart


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Channel 8 feature on Bangkit “group-based upgrading project”

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