Aspire To be the Preferred Mechanical Power Transmission Specialist

Established since 2000, TranZplus Engineering has grown to become a dynamic company that offers technologically advanced mechanical power transmission soluions for Factory Automation, Electronic Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Pharmaceutical Industries. However, it was not a smooth sailing path for TranZplus. Under the leadership of Mr. Nelson Lim, Chief Executive of TranZplus Engineering (S) Pte Ltd, the company has transformed. Moving forward, Mr. Lim is looking forward to setting up a TranZplus Academy, with the objective to achieve knowledge transfer among the stakeholders.

TranZplus joined Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) as a member in 2012. They have since received tremendous support from the SME Centre@SMF. They heed the advice of the business advisors from SME Centre@SMF. That resulted in major changes in the company.

“We embarked on productvity toolkit such as 5S and Kaizen. Mr. Winston Kum from the SME Centre has readily offered great assistance. Within six months, we see major changes in the assembly areas. Labeling the products and keeping a neat and tidy area aids in enhancing productivity at work,”shared Mr. Lim.

Mr. Lim shared that during the intial stage of implementing the changes, staff were not convinced. Hence he brought consultants to train his staff. They were happy with the changes made as they experience greater efficiency at work. In addition, Mr. Lim advocates an employee oriented corporate culture. He believes the strength of the company lies with the employee. He values his employee and gave opportunities and rewards for those who offer innovative ideas for further improvement. “I offer monetary rewards for any employees coming up with innovative ideas. They take pride in their work and are committed. The bottom-up approach is definitely effective and benefits all parties,” said Mr. Lim.

“I sincerely appreciate SMF for its effort and commitment to the manufacturing companies. SMF has managed to change our company. In the past, I have always wanted to reach out for external assistance from the professionals. However I do not have the right connections. SMF offers a variety of seminars and training programmes. It has changed my mindset and also my staff. I have attended several useful and relevant seminars and sent my staff for training under preferential rates offered by SMF!” concluded Mr. Nelson Lim, Chief Executive,TranZplus Engineering (S) Pte Ltd.


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