Gaining a Head Start

Revenue, cash flow, productivity and human resources are just some aspects business owners need to juggle. For Daphne Hedley, a timely e-mail was the key in bringing her natural food and personal care products business to the next level.

How did you learn about the SME Centre@NorthWest?
My brand was just starting out in a small shop space at Pasarbella in Bukit Timah when I received an email introducing the SME Centre@NorthWest. As it was my first time running a business, I thought to myself that I could use any help that I could get!

How did you benefit from their help?
When I contacted the SME Centre@NorthWest, I was assigned a business advisor who studied my business setup. After gaining an in-depth understanding, he introduced me to a productivity toolkit, and helped me implement an inventory management system. Besides the hardware, knowing that I am new to business, he also suggested I attend relevant courses to improve my business knowledge in managing labour and productivity. This open channel of communication was great. I could approach my business advisor whenever I was uncertain of anything.

Will you recommend other SMEs to seek assistance from them?
You may question if you can really get help for free. My advice: put aside the doubts and just go for it. From my experience, the Centre comes with no strings attached and is equipped with business advisors who genuinely want to bring your business to greater heights.


For a one-to-one consultation, feel free to contact the SME Centre@NorthWest at, or call 6839 4963.

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Source: “North West Community Development Council Publication COHESION”


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