Relook at the Business Model for Greater Productivity

For more than six decades, De Cheng Xin Xing Trading Pte Ltd has grown from a humble grocery and provision shop to a formidable wholesaler and food services provider. They offer local brands that are competitive to the market. They strive to maintain their quality products at wholesale prices, earning them a group of regular customers who enjoy quality products at lower prices.

The Goh siblings, Ms. Nicole Goh, together with Mr. Andrew Goh, Managing Director, took over their family business. “We would like to maintain the roots of the business. However, due to the competitive market, there is a need for us to brand our products. We have moved forward to direct import abalone and premium bird nest. Gradually elevating ourselves instead of staying as a grocery provision shop. We believe there is a demand for the high-end products. The implementation of the new changes is very important. We would definetly need assistance from professsionals and governmants to bring us through the implementation process,” said Ms. Goh.

“It is challenging for us to work alone as a SME. SMF is a great partner. It allows us to tap into the various essential resources we require. In addition, the regular newsletter enable us to keep abreast with the lastest business trends and global outlook. With the current labour crunch, we have to re-think of ways to run our business model in order to stay competitive in the long run,” said Ms. Goh.

Ms. Goh explored the opportunity to find out more on the ways to improve productivty and business process from the productivity managers from SME Centre@SMF. The company embarked on Integrated Management of Productivity Activities (IMPACT) Primer tool and Capability Voucher for SME Management Action for Results (SMART) consultancy. IMPACT  measures the effectiveness of the company’s productivity using key indicators. SMART accesses the company’s business model capabilities by identifying strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

“In the process, we are able to prioritize gaps identified and develop actionable roadmap to improve our business management capabilities. They are very useful as they help us to identify key performance indicators and productivity levers so as to ensure that our business model is viable and healthy in the long run,” commented Ms. Goh.

“The productivity managers from SME Centre@SMF are helpful, friendly and patient. Through them we understand the importance and usefulness of the productivity toolkits in improving the business process. These tools are also used as our performance indicators. They also offered to assist us in finding out more information on any possible government grant that we can tap on if there is any area that we wish to explore further based on their recommendations. We are appreciative of their efforts,” concluded Ms. Goh.


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